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New Maestro Dual LED+ Controls

2-in-1 controls with space-saving design featuring built-in, LED+ advanced dimming technology.



Maestro LED+ Dimmer & Switch



Maestro LED+ Dimmer & Timer


Space-Saving Stacked Design

2-in-1 devices install easily and offer superior dimming performance—perfect for kitchens, bathrooms, and closets.

Independently Control 2 Loads

A dimmer on top dims and turns one load on/off, and the switch or timer on the bottom enables control of a second light or fan.

Superior Dimming Performance

The LED+ advanced microprocessor technology means superior light stability, easy low-end adjustment, and long-life performance.


Dimmer & Switch in Kitchens

The kitchen is everyone's favorite space – dim overhead lighting and turn under-cabinet lighting on/off independently for that warm, inviting feeling.


Dimmer & Timer in Bathrooms

Set the bathroom light to turn on at a low level at night, and make sure the fan has time to clear hot-shower steam before turning off automatically in the chosen timeframe (can be used with DC motor fans).


MyLevel Personalization

Both models allow users to personalize control settings. Customization options include establishing a preset light level for each time the light is turned on, gradual fade on/off, and the ability to disable the indicator lights to avoid unwanted glow when not in use.

LED+ Dimmer/Switch
LED+ Dimmer/Timer

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