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The Nova T slide dimmer features a thin profile and the durability contractors expect from Lutron.

Features & Specifications

  • Most complete line of matching lighting controls, fan-speed controls and accessories
  • 250 W LED+ model for dimmable LED and CFL bulbs, as well as the Lutron Hi-lume 2-wire forward-phase LED drivers. LED+ dimmers feature HED Technology which improves the dimming performance of these bulbs in comparison to a standard dimmer.
  • Now available – 0-10 VDC dimmer for direct control of 3rd party 0-10 V fluorescent ballasts and LED drivers, no separate power pack required
  • No visible metal heatsink for improved appearance
  • Automatic multi-gang alignment for quick and easy installation
  • Heavy-duty components for surge protection and long product life
  • Voltage compensation
  • Power failure memory
  • Superior RFI suppression
  • Underwriters Laboratories and Canadian Standards Association listed
  • Lutron controls are rated at 120 VAC, 60 Hz unless otherwise noted


    Style & Colors

    Architectural Style

    A well-defined, simple form with square corners and beveled edges make our Architectural style the essence of simplicity.


      Note: Some of the colors mentioned above may not be available for sampling.