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The Sunnata touch fan control is designed to harmonize with the intuitive design of the Sunnata dimmer, creating a cohesive appearance throughout your home. Easily turn on the fan to the ideal speed by tapping the paddle switch or touching anywhere on the light bar.

Features & Specifications

  • Touch or swipe the light bar to set your fan to the right speed
  • Four quiet speeds for increased comfort
  • Soft glow helps you find the switch in the dark
  • Light bar brightness can be customized, including off if preferred in places like the bedroom
  • Installs in as little as 15 minutes; neutral wire required
  • Capable of controlling one paddle-type ceiling fan, up to 1.5A


Style & Colors

Designer Style

Contemporary settings demand the soft corners, fashionable colors and tasteful textures provided by the Designer style wallplates and accessories.


    Note: Some of the colors mentioned above may not be available for sampling.